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Audubon Charter School’s mission is to foster a culturally rich and academically rigorous program
using the French and Montessori Curriculum and a comprehensive arts curriculum. Audubon
students are actively and purposefully involved in their learning so they become responsible
citizens in a changing world.
Our school culture embraces collaboration, individually, respect, positive communication, and inclusivity. We aim to learn from each other and support one another in personal and academic growth.
We are a community of learners. Our students learn how to participate in our school community as well as in the larger New Orleans community.
Each student, teacher, administrator, and parent who walks through our doors is a unique individual. We encourage individuality and creating in learning.


Established in 1981, Audubon quickly became an outstanding school within our community. Demand lead to a two-week campout in order to gain admission. This resulted in a very strong partnership between parents and the faculty.

The school was the vision of four teachers who met while attending Montessori certification classes at Tulane University. Two of the four teachers petitioned the Orleans Parish School Board for support of this concept and Audubon Montessori School was created. This highly unique inception from the bottom-up guaranteed the success of the school – as the teachers took ownership and responsibility for its ultimate success.  Audubon is currently an Associate member of the American Montessori Association.

In 1986, a French component opened within the school that has been extremely effective for a new cadre of students. The French government took note, and in 1990, Audubon became an official French School in an historical agreement between the French Government and the State of Louisiana. In 2002, the French government designated our school as a center for effective strategies in the teaching of a foreign language.  In 2015, Audubon was also designated as a Certified World Language Immersion site.

In the wake of Katrina, the Audubon community requested the Orleans Parish School Board re-open the shuttered school as a charter. In January 2006, Audubon Montessori became Audubon Charter School, operating under the governance of the Board of French and Montessori Education, Inc. or FAME, Inc. In May 2006, the Orleans Parish School Board granted Audubon Charter School an additional building. The upper school is currently located at 1111 Milan St., and the lower school is located at 428 Broadway St., New Orleans, LA.

In 2016, the FAME board, in collaboration with the Senior Administration, began the process of planning for the future of Audubon.   This planning included two major decisions, to open a second school site located in the Gentilly area of the city and to become its own Local Educational Authority (LEA) authorized by the Orleans Parish School Board.  The FAME Board was inspired to move forward with the decision to open a second school site because of a desire to provide a high quality education to a larger number of families in the Greater New Orleans area.  Becoming its own LEA would provide additional freedom to manage the schools’ resources to meet the needs of the children we serve.

In May 2017, the FAME Board was approved to open a second Audubon School site and in July of 2017, Audubon Charter School became its own Local Educational Authority, authorized under Orleans Parish School Board.  In preparation for the addition of a second school site, Audubon undertook a reorganization of its management structure and developed a Charter Management arm which operates under the Audubon Schools moniker.

Audubon Schools Gentilly will open in August 2018 serving students in grades Pre-Kindergarten (3) to 2nd.  The school will add one grade each year until it is a fully operational Pre-Kindergarten (3) to 8th grade elementary school.  The school will be located at 4720 Painters Street, New Orleans, 70122.

We are proud of Audubon Schools and envision even greater possibilities for our Rarebird community.