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Board Chair

Javier Jalice, J.D.

Board Vice Chair

Brendan Connick, J.D.

Board Secretary

Dorcas Omojola, BA

Board Treasurer

Calvin Tregre, BS
Board Member (French Parent Representative)

Tom Lasher

Board Member (Montessori Parent Representative)

Danny Held

Board Member Ex-Officio)

Vincent Sciama

Board Member

Derek Bardell, MLA, MA, CNP

Board Member

Ramona Fernandez, J.D.

Board Member

Rachel Kirschman, MN
Board Member

Melissa Russell, MBA

Board Member

Lourdes Moran

Board Member

Claire Lebas, Ph.D

The board consists of no less that 3 and no more than 15 members. Officers are elected to the board for renewable one-year terms by a majority of the board. Two members are elected by the Audubon parents (one from the French program, one from the Montessori) by a majority of the parents in an election supervised by the Friends of Audubon PTO. The French Consul General of New Orleans is an automatic member of the board. The rest of the board seats are occupied by community members.