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Elementary I Educator Coursework

The academic phase of the Elementary I Coursework occurs in two summer and two other mid-year seminars.

The major courses of study are:

• Child Development/Montessori Philosophy
• Language
• Mathematics
• Geometry
• Sciences
• History
• Geography
• Practical Life
• Fine Arts
• Physical Education
• Classroom Leadership/Curriculum Design
• Overview of 2.5 through 6 years

Learners are also expected to complete a Practicum phase during the school year.
• 9 months
• Minimum of 6 hours a day
• Complete at least 60% of academic phase
• Practicum site must meet AMS standards

AMS requires only one practicum for a 6 through 12 credential, which can be in either a 6 through 9 or a 9 through 12. Under certain conditions, students may have a self-directed practicum.